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Birth Preparation Classes


Would you like a private birth preparation course?
The Midwives Centre proposes a personalized birth and parenting preparation courses dealing with pregnancy, childbirth, infant feeding and newborn care. This will be an opportunity to meet the midwife who will follow you when you return home.

Usually, if the midwife who gave you prenatal classes is available when you are back at home, she will provide your postpartum follow-up.



These dynamically articulated courses, consisting of theory and practice time (bodywork and role-playing), will allow you to:
- familiarize yourself with the world of parenting,
- have benchmarks to make informed choices,
- revisit certain information received,
- strengthen your confidence and parenting skills,
- experience the benefits of certain postures, relaxation methods and breathing that will accompany you throughout the birth, 
- provide tools for the partner,
- anticipate certain administrative steps.



Private courses fees are CHF 120.- per 1 hour course.
The number of required courses will be defined according to your expectations and your needs. A minimum of 3 sessions is advised.

The basic insurance (LAMal) will pay a contribution of CHF 150.- for an individual birth preparation course (maternity package). 
Additional contribution may be partially granted by complementary health insurances. 


To register or for additional information, please contact us (by indicating your contact details, phone number and the pregnancy due date):

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